When we know what we truly need to be happy, why don’t we just do it? Amy makes a promise to herself to finally start showing up.



I am done with the disconnection.


I am done with the wishy washy practice and the lack of discipline and the ‘can’t be bothered today’ attitude.

I am done with ignoring my truth, with trashing my body, and with piling more pressure onto my shoulders in the belief that it will make me ‘enough’.

Enough for what?


I am done with holding myself back.

I am done with treating my body mindlessly, of not eating consciously, of drinking too much and of not honouring the blessings of being alive.



I will not treat myself with such disrespect anymore.

I know what makes me feel joy.

I know what it is that makes me a better mum, a kind and compassionate human being, and a creative woman.

I know that when I commit to a daily practice, when I watch my thoughts, and when I devote time – even ten minutes of time! – every single day to my inner self, rather than worshipping the world of others’ opinions – then I am happy.


I know yoga energises me.

I know music awakens me.

I know wholefoods support me, and herbs heal me.

I know seeing my children as beautiful souls I have the privilege of guiding releases me.

I know writing inspires me.


And I know being devoted to all of these things, every day, is the only way to truly be ME.



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