It’s not time to put your dreams on hold, mama. It’s just time to start working with the power of the Universe to make them come true.


Let’s get clear for a moment, mama: Whilst we want to be present for and enjoy the precious years of being a mama, we also don’t want to put our own dreams, personal pleasures and pursuits on hold for 18 years, right?

Happy Mama is ALL about the balance – but we’re talking real balance here. The balance of our own desires with the lives of our family. And we’re also all about working WITH the flow of the Universe to make sure we’re making our dreams come true without totally burning out.

Which is why we are so excited to introduce you to one of our new regular contributors – Justine Peacock.

Justine is an intuitive coach, a Theta Healer and Energetic Alignment coach, which means she is our go-to for balancing our busy side with our intuitive feminine side, and understanding how to work with the energy around us. And as mamas and women, this is really important to understand. 

We want more than just ‘surviving’. We want ‘thriving’. And we want to know how to do it creatively and intuitively, without the ‘striving.’

Which is what Justine is going to help us do…




You are a busy mama. I get it.

Having one baby or child is a full time job.

We need to get super clear on that straight up.

And more than one – well that is just like doing a full time role when your colleagues have gone on leave and left you to cover their workload as well as your own. It’s a big deal!

Hear me out – parenting is a massive blessing – Joyful? Yes! Delightful? Yes! Fun – God yes!

Are we grateful to be mamas? Hell to the yes!


But let’s get real about the work load –

The juggle of caring for small people, making endless meals and snacks, attending activities, administrative tasks and to-do lists is potentially all consuming.

We are all so busy and stretched it is hard enough finding moments for self care, balancing our energy and topping up the tank let along creating space for the bigger picture.

I want to talk about something beyond self care. I want to talk about your bigger callings and yearnings. The things you want to create for yourself in this lifetime. The miraculous, soul-led, beautiful things that make our heart sing.

You know you have them – the things you are drawn to, the ideas that won’t let you go, the things you yearn to experience or explore, have, do or be become.  

These are the miracles we all need a hand to help create in our lives.

It is different for everyone, deeply personal and it can also differ and develop as our kids grow and change.

As a new mum the miracle may be being able to be kinder to yourself or keeping up a regular yoga practice. As we slowly reclaim some space and time for ourselves, it may expand to encompass larger dreams – writing a blog, creating or expanding our own business or writing a book.

How do we ensure there is some time and energy going regularly towards creating what we want to create in our lives – big and small – beyond getting more sleep or getting to the weekend?



My Story

My whole life I wanted to be a mama. I have two gorgeous spirited children aged 8 and 5.

In my kindergarten report card I was criticised by Mrs Curry my elderly and rather strict kindergarten teacher for continually wanting to play with dolls in the “House corner”. Along with painting it was all I wanted to do.

But as I got older I did expand my interests.

I went to uni for six years completing double degrees in Law and Commerce. I graduated into a coveted position, continued to study my Masters degree whilst working full time. I juggled a busy career, moved overseas for a while an started my own business. I undertook a psychotherapy degree and coaching qualifications. I always worked long hours and weekends, was at the gym daily, had a large social life, travelled etc


I was so used to being able to schedule my time, fit in the things that mattered to me, prioritise fitness, personal development and career.


Having kids really threw me for six because I lost my ability to choose the way I wanted to spend my time. I delighted in being a parent but it was relentless. It consumed me and I constantly felt under pressure and overwhelmed. It took me 10 months to exercise properly after my first child was born because he became my focus.

The pendulum swung in the other direction and I did not know how to make time for myself.

I felt like I had to give him all of the attention and time and through that I lost myself for a while.

I finally woke up to the fact that I needed to create space for what was important to me as well as for kids, family, work etc. My personal growth and spiritual practices saved me and enabled me to create and hold my own vision for myself so I was not consumed by my roles and the demands of a mother, wife, employee and carer etc.


Miracle Creation Process

There are times as a mama where creating things just for you and honouring your own desires can feel like you need a miracle to have it happen.

To help me keep the days from rolling on by without finding space for the things I wanted, I   created what I call the Miracle Creation process.

I call it Miracle Creation because these are ordinary miracles (and some extra ordinary) and it helped anchor me in the fact that I was always divinely guided and supported and that I was using the process to call on the Universe to support me with the things I wanted to create.

Here are the initial steps. The Miracle Creation form is available for you to download if you want to deepen the practice.



  1. Create Space


Insights, intuition, the connection to your truth is essential to living a conscious life and creating what you want. Whether it is something small or large.

This will only happen if you slow down and create space for you to connect to yourself.

Creating a routine daily or weekly where it is just you and a journal. Just you and your breath, perhaps some lovely music.

20 minutes a day is enough to start with or perhaps 30-60 minutes for yourself once a week works better.

Honour yourself and show up consistently and kindly.


  1. Create Clarity Around Your Dreams

Having a practice that allows you to tune in to what you want on a regular basis and getting support to ensure it happens are big steps in self love and setting yourself up for miracle creation.

Once you are regularly creating space you will find that your truth emerges.

The insights and messages, the deeper yearnings will bubble up.

The next step is to get clear about what this looks really like.

Intentions are great in the short term – how do you want to get through // feel about // show up for the day or week. For a meeting or conversation.

Vision is the larger piece – What do you want to create for yourself over the coming year and years? What do you not want to leave undone at the end of your days?

Always coming from a place of connection and love not driving and striving.

Remembering that the years are long and what seems impossible with a 5 month old baby or two kids under three might well be very possible in two years’ time.

Do something small each day and week that consistently helps you connect with your vision.


  1. Surrender to the Universe

You have created the routine and the space.

You are listening to your bigger urges that are emerging and have clarity about what you want to create.

Now, take inspired action (baby steps, regularly) as often as you can in your situation. It may be weeks between steps and that is ok. As long as there is a general forward motion.

Surrender and allow the Universe to guide you, support you and show you the way.

Remember you are worthy of all your dreams and plans coming true beyond your role as an incredible mama.



Make sure you download Justine’s beautifully designed ‘Miracle Creation Process’ PDF here.

You can follow Justine’s insights into living a more intuitive and connected life here – and watch out for her monthly readings. They are a must read at Happy Mama!