The ultimate supportive model for smashing your To-Do list (even when you don’t feel like it!) with Justine Peacock.

Everyone is busy. Like, really busy.

Ask almost anyone (especially a busy mama) and they’ll tell you that they have a to-do list as long as their arm. And growing. Busyness is the disease of our time. It’s an epidemic.


And, as they tell you this, you will likely notice a certain dullness in their eyes.

Most of us are not overly inspired by many of the jobs that populate our to-do lists.

It is like the list itself has a tangible weight and we can feel it.


(Actually, if my energetic and intuitive self can speak here – it actually does have energetic threads and an energetic and emotional weight. If you are energetically attuned or sensitive you may actually feel tangibly burdened by your list).


You’ve probably figured out by now that you are in a different emotional and energetic place every day.

Some days I spring out of bed, bright eyed and ready to tackle anything…

…kid wrangling, lunches, tidying up, drop offs, work – I have energy for everyone and everything and energy to spare. I am on fire!!


Other days I don’t want to get up early and start my morning routine, but I do! I don’t want to tackle the mountains of washing, administration and my work and marketing calls and meeting. It’s a whole lotta “don’t wanna’s”!!


I have committed in recent times to not just powering on regardless, but to being more in tune with where I am at and honouring that whenever I can.

Through trial and error, time and tuning in, I have learnt more and more to allow myself to be where I am at. I have learnt to inject flexibility into my process around deciding what and how to tackle things.

I also have a secret weapon up my sleeve that I want to share with you. Something for those days when your to-do list is bulging, but you just aren’t feeling it!

If you can identify with this feeling I have a useful tool for the times when your do-do list is glaring at you and the guilt is threatening to pile up and suck you under.



Here is my process to help you power through your to-do list and re-frame the way you see it.

Like most things, once we have a system, process or model – something tangible we can follow – we make the process explicit. This working model supports us to become so much more empowered.


Follow these steps:

Before you begin – take a breath and get yourself a cup of your favourite soothing warm drink and commit to the process. It is not a long process, but hey, I am a fan of hydration!!


First up –  ensure that your To Do list is as complete as you can make it for the moment.

Granted, your to-do list is a living document and never “complete” as such, so make peace with that. Don’t sweat over it but just check that it covers all that you can think of for now.


Then go through each item one at a time and apply one of three criteria:


Criteria One – Can I Bag it?

This means can I kick it to the curb?

Can I put it in the bin?

Could I delete it?

Can I simply say “no”?

This point asks you to reconsider your to-do and look for options. Especially when we find ourselves over committed.

Re-think what is essential, the have-to’s.

I am not giving you permission to perpetually procrastinate here, but sometimes what we think we have to do and what we actually have-to do are not the same.  

Give yourself the freedom to delegate it, remove it, redesign it, replace it with something else or move it to another day.


Criteria Two – Can I Barter it?

This means evaluating whether you can get someone else to do it in an exchange of some sort.

Any number of day to day and one-off tasks, which we allow to clog up a perfectly manageable to-do list, can be easily bartered or outsourced.

This may look like:

An agreement with a partner that they will clean the shower and you will xx

It may mean out-sourcing it (think any one of Airtasker, Fiverr, Upwork, Gumtree etc.),

Hiring a cleaner as a one off support or a more regular necessity, going through the car wash or getting your ten-year-old to wash the car for you.

Ordering take out, or buying pre-cooked bulk healthy wholefood options which are now growing in popularity and accessibility in many parts of Australia.

Look to swap or trade all the school pick ups, taxi-ing for all the sport activities and birthday parties, after school play time – think collaboratively. We’re meant to raise our families in a village, so if you don’t have a family one around you, create your own. 


Sometimes I will be on a roll at work and think – ok just for today I am going to find an alternative and avoid the inconvenience of a mid-afternoon school pick up.

This might look like any number of options:

A last minute after school care book in.

Organising a friend to pick up for me or a last-minute play date.

Getting our fabulous sitter to pick them up and then take them to the park for a couple of hours AND make dinner (bonus!!)

OR an after school care booking AND asking hubby to collect them on his way home (he’s a gem!).


Throughout this process think about seeking support, identifying new ways of approaching your obligations and releasing any sense of obligation or resentment and the assumption that you have to be the one to do it (as women we are good at this one!).


Criteria Three – Can I Better it?

If you do find an item that you do have to do and decide that it cannot be traded, then we look at the third category – Can you better it?


The question to ask yourself is;

What could I do to make this experience more positive and enjoyable?”.

How can you make it more interesting or fun?

For example:

Can you do your tax work with a nice cup of tea and some relaxing music playing, and a promise of a treat at the end for yourself?

Could someone come over to sit on your bed and chat to you whilst you declutter your wardrobe?

Or can you pop on a great podcast or webinar replay as you take a long drive or train journey so that the time passes more quickly and you are making excellent use of the time?


Think around the issue. Can you change the place, the timing, or add in something extra to sweeten the process? You could even create a reward after it’s done.

Get creative, think laterally and upgrade your ‘must do’ so that it sparkles and shines in a way it did not before. Sometimes a tiny tweak can create an entire mindset shift around a task!


This 3 B’s process has completely changed how I think about my to do list and my responsibilities.

It aligns me with feeling empowered, with the process of conscious co-creation and anchors me in freedom, choice and self-empowerment.


Do I still have crummy things to do that I don’t always want to do? YES

Do I do them? YES, of course!

BUT I do them from a place of much more choice, freedom and joy than I used to!


This means that I’m no longer suffering in silence and burdening myself. I say “no” more often. I swap and delegate more frequently and, as a result, I’m a happier mama! And I also listen to a lot more podcasts and drink more tea!


Note – I am so grateful to my writing coach Deborah Chalk ( for introducing me to this Three B’s Model by Martha Beck (

Justine Peacock is a recovering lawyer and accountant who now works as a career coach and as an intuitive coach and healer. She’s a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and enjoys supporting people to clear their conscious and unconscious blocks. Clearing these blocks helps them to stand in their authentic power and create lives they love. Justine is a mother of two medium sized children and lives in Sydney, Australia.

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