Let’s face it – we live in a masculine world. We celebrate strength and endurance, we define success by how quickly we climb the ladder and how busy we are, and we push down any emotions that may be seen as ‘weak’. Our society worships busyness and getting on with the job, and so anything that is opposite to that feels like a failure. Anything remotely feminine.

Resting, slowing down, being vulnerable, and honouring our intuition over logic.

Our denial of these beautiful and important feminine qualities is what is at the heart of so much of our unhappiness, mamas.

And it’s also the key to our burnout, anxiety and overwhelm.

So how do we start to turn the feminine back on again in our lives?

How do we start to honour this part of ourselves, and connect back to the women we really are?

In this episode, Amy outlines a few simple steps to start your journey back to your feminine self. Even with little ones.