Dr Vanessa Lapointe has an interesting take on the purpose of parenting. Sure, having children is about expanding your family and experiencing unconditional love, but at the core of it, she believes that parenting is here to challenge us – to challenge us to grow, to look at our old belief patterns, and to push us to expand and grow.

Looking back, it’s obvious that’s what parenting is all about. We have a false belief that becoming a mama will be the happiest time in our lives – and hard truth: it’s actually one of the least happiest. At least, that’s what the research Dr Lapointe shares in this podcast says. However, despite the struggles and challenges, the same research also shows us that it is the most fulfilling time of our lives.

So how do we navigate all the deep challenges of raising another human being? In this inspiring episode, Dr Lapointe walks us through an understanding of how our brains work, and how we can be kind towards ourselves as we grow along side our children.

Dr Vanessa Lapointe’s research and resources can all be found here, and her amazing book ‘Discipline without Damage‘ can not be more highly recommended.