“I am finding that it takes a lot of time to be a woman, to have a feeling of space and breath, a chance to sink into myself… as long as I take time every morning to light a candle to my life, it remains my life. But if I hurry into work without that small moment of quiet, then I’ve already lost myself, and the day.” – ‘Circle of Stones‘ by Judith Duerk.

Light a candle to my life… oh those words. The simplicity of the idea, and the power of the idea.

Surely this is what we’re all craving?

In the hurry of the life we lead, we miss the chance to honour ourselves. Even if it’s the smallest of acknowledgements, without lighting a candle to our life, we lose ourselves, and our day. And in the end, we lose this time in our life completely.

So how do we light a candle to our life each day?

In this week’s podcast, I reflect on this idea, and how we can all embody these simple rituals to really honour ourselves again.

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In reclaim, Amy brings together the transformational principles of her Reconnect program with the powerful tools she has shared with thousands of mamas through her 5 Day programs. And you can take part any time, anywhere, with as little as 15 minutes a day. Amy has designed this practice for the mama who feels like she doesn’t have the time, space or energy to do anything for herself but knows she needs to do something. If not for herself then definitely for her family.

reclaim is the ultimate step-by-step foundation practice, the perfect place to start your journey to becoming a truly Happy Mama.