Everyone has a ‘go to’ story when things start to go wrong.

After years of talking to mamas, and diving into a deeper understanding of what exactly the ‘Inner Mean Mama’ is, I know that each of us have our own version of our negative story on high rotation.

For some, it’s ‘why do I have to do everything?’
And for others, it is ‘you can’t do anything right.’

For me, it’s ‘why does this always happen?’

And when I say ‘this’, I mean – a last minute change of plans to something that I had planned for me.

Sounds familiar?

This story – of never being able to follow through on my plans and needs – has kept me stuck in a negative place for a long time. Truth be told, it still shows up at times. And if you asked me on one of those days, I’d be able to list all the evidence to prove that I’m right. This really does ALWAYS happen.

But whenever we make generalisations and sweeping statements like this, beautiful, we’re letting our Inner Mean Mama voices rule.

Actually, it’s a form of self-sabotage, and it often causes us to act out irrationally.

This is something I’ve been working a lot on lately, so I created this special podcast episode all about it –
how to undo the power of self-sabotage.

May it allow you to hear your own unique self-sabotage story, and begin to question it.