Two years ago, at an event I held in Melbourne, one very brave mama stood up from the back row and asked a question that changed her life. It was a true sliding doors moment: when one decision leads to a whole new way of living.

Sarah is a mama of three, and is the epitome of what I am trying to bring to light with this podcast and all my work. Through the darkness of post-natal depression, health concerns and isolation, she has found her way back to herself – and beyond. She has created a new self, a woman she is proud of, and is now sharing with the world.

Sarah is the first of my new style of episodes in which I talk to ‘everyday mamas’ about their transition through matrescence – and I am truly honoured to share her story with you.

You can find Sarah’s amazing affirmation card company, The Affirmation Farm – a little company dedicated to hope, joy, resilience, mindfulness and positive reinforcement, through the use of affirmation cards which she founded after her commitment to her inner connection and happiness – on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.


IMAGE: Sarah of @affirmationfarm.