Modern mamahood is filled with a sense of panic: we feel we have to be on top of everything, all of the time, otherwise the wheels will fall off. Our days are so unpredictable, and we are often so stretched, that we feel like we’re only just hanging on.

But when Amy speaks with mamas the world over, they always tell her the same thing:

They want to feel ease, surrender, and presence. They want to let go of the rushing and the focus on ‘what’s next’, and be in the moment.

So why is there such a disconnect? And why do we feel we need to control everything?

Because, at the heart of it, everything feels out of control – because we’re trying to control the uncontrollable.

When instead, we need to be focusing on what we CAN control, which is: our own inner self.

In this episode, Amy speaks about why we struggle with this, and how we can start to feel that surrender and ease we most desire.