What if your anger and anxiety was your life calling you?

Here’s an interesting idea, mamas – what if all that overwhelm, anger, anxiety and worry was actually a gift? What if it was the warning sign your life was sending you, that things were out of balance?

As women, we believe anything that is going right is our fault: we should ‘fix’ it by trying harder, giving more of ourselves, doing more, and doing it better.

It’s what the world has been telling us our whole lives: do more, do better.

But what if the struggles we are feeling are not our fault at all? What if it was a symptom of the values the world has put on us – and our anxiety, anger and depression was our life calling us back to the truth?

This is the message from the phenomenal book ‘Circle of Stones’ by Judith Duerk – and in this episode, I talk about what this means to me, and the courage it takes to decide to listen to your anger, and ask: what is it it’s trying to tell me?