To be a spaceholder – what does that actually mean?

The idea of a woman as the spaceholder for so many is at the core of so many of my programs and teachings, but is often a concept many don’t truly understand. And when they do ‘get it’, there’s often overwhelm and resentment.

Why is it that I have to hold it together for so many?
How am I expected to hold the space for so many when I’m already doing so much?

But the idea of spaceholder is actually one that comes with great empowerment – if we understand it properly.

In this episode, I speak with Heather Plett, an international speaker, facilitator, and writer who specializes in the art of holding space. We speak about what it really means to be there for someone – whether it’s your children, your partner, your parents or your friends – how to ensure you don’t get spaceholder burnout (yes, it’s a thing, and you’ll recognise the symptoms!), and what an honour it is to be a spaceholder when we finally see what it’s real purpose is.