40 days to essentially calm

You’re a mama.

And that means, you’re juggling a whole lot of things.


Kids, relationship, housework, work, health… there’s a lot to squeeze in everyday.

But you’re also trying to juggle your own emotions – the changing emotions, and changing priorities – that came with this time of life. Motherhood is an awakening – an awakening of a new you, but how can you even acknowledge that when everyone around you needs you all of the time?

And is it really possible to stay calm, present, and loving when your head is spinning with all that noise and pressure?

Yes. Yes, it is.


You’re a mama: you are capable of so much. You are a warrior, a spaceholder, a mother, a lover. You are able to organise a playdate whilst cooking dinner and settling a moment of sibling rivalry.

You are the ultimate multi-tasker, because you have to be….

but does it feel good?


Do you do it calmly, with the grace you want your children to remember?

And what about your adrenal glands, your nervous system, your soul? How are you feeling within?


The fact that you CAN do all-of-the-things goes without saying, mama… you always do.

But at what price?

There shouldn’t be one.

We can be the mama and woman we want to be, with the tools we need so we remain calm and centred in amongst the busy-ness. We just need to create the habit.

Imagine this:


“You’re tired, and overwhelmed, but you know exactly what to do to rise up and find that energy you need for the rest of the day…” 


“A tantrum doesn’t throw you anymore, because you know exactly how to realign your thoughts with who you want to be.”


“You see your children are over-it and over-tired, and you quietly reach for something you know will help everyone breathe out, and prepare for bed.”


“You feel yourself getting obsessed with your to-do list again, and that familiar Inner Mean Mama voice begins to rise up again, but you stop… you know how to calm that negative voice… you know what to do so she doesn’t take over.”

Since mid-2018, I have been learning how to use the phenomenal healing power of essential oils to complement and enhance the tools I use to keep that Inner Mean Mama voice at bay – and it’s been life-changing. After years of trying to rely on my own willpower to pull back from those overwhelmed moments (and often failing), I know now exactly what to do in any given moment to come back to the woman and mama I want to be.

But like anything in our lives, we can’t just THINK about these tools – we have to use them, daily, to create a new habit. We have to create a new neural pathway, a clear way that allows this new way of dealing with things become second nature. We want this to become so ingrained in our lives that, no matter what, we consciously choose how we react in any given moment.

This is what a 40 day practice does:

it creates the neural pathways, it creates the habits, it becomes a part of your day.


40 Days to Essentially Calm is a 40 day online program, delivered by email and live group coaching calls, that will teach you the core emotional benefits of the top ten oils, and how to use them. Each day, you will receive an email that will share a simple idea for you to try that day with your essential oil kit. I will explain to you how the oil is working and why it works, and you will begin to form the habit of self-empowerment with oils, meditation, and mindset.

Bringing together many of the Happy Mama tools I share in my online programs, this 40 Day practice is for anyone who has struggled to bring the skills of mindfulness into their daily life.

If you want to actually, and finally, make the practical changes in your life to help you feel more calm, less reactive, more empowered and more of the mama and woman you want to be – this 40 day practice is for you.

40 days of short but powerful emails giving you practical ways to use the oils to balance your emotions, stay calm, and feel empowered as a mother and a woman.

4 Video Masterclasses on the brain and essential oils, how to blend and trust your intuition, and a simple overview on using the oils in your home to reduce toxins. 

Regular Live Group Coaching calls* to answer your questions and support your personal needs as you learn how to make oils a part of your daily life.

* Live calls are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, via Zoom, with an audio recording emailed to you on completion of each call. These calls continue beyond the conclusion of this program, to provide you with ongoing support. 


You get the entire 40 day coaching and mentoring, research and teachings all 100% FREE

with your purchase of the Top Ten Essential Oils and Diffuser.


Simply purchase a dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit OR Family Essentials Kit and you will receive the full 40 Days to Essentially Calm online program, including Video Classes and ongoing Live Group Coaching Calls, for FREE.

TOTAL VALUE: $899 …. 



To be a part of the 40 Days to Essentially Calm program, simply click here and follow the instructions to join and purchase your Starter Kit.

We’re always so much more successful when we’re supported

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