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Ep 06: Real Self Care

In this week’s episode, Amy talks about self-care for mamas. Not the kind of self-care that makes for a good list in a magazine or Buzzfeed article (like getting a massage, or making yourself a cup of tea); real compassion…

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Ep 05: The Power of Support with Bridget Jarrad

Bridget Jarrad created the original Midnight Mums Facebook group in July 2012,  six weeks after her first child was born. Initially the group catered to a small group of friends – all feeding & tending to newborns in the wee…

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Ep 04: No More Superwoman

In this solo episode, Amy talks about letting go of the idea that we can and should do everything and be everything, for everyone.  She talks about where these beliefs come from, the cost of the “success” that those beliefs…