Essential Happy Mama

I believe mothers are the key to transforming the world we live in.

And I don’t take that statement lightly.

The Dalai Lama said “the world will be saved by the Western Woman” – and I would like to add, by the Western Mother. In fact, by all mothers.

If only the world understood this. 



If mothers slowed down and honoured themselves differently, they would pass down a different way of living to the next generation.

If mothers learnt their innate value and worth, and said ‘no’ to the endless pursuit of ‘more’, they would show their children what real worth is, before they too grow up and chase a dream that never really fulfils them.

If mothers connected to their bodies, to nature, to the seasons and the cycles again, they would teach their children how to look after our planet and respect its needs.


If we just valued and honoured and saw mothers for what they really do, the next generation would be so much more awakened, alive and connected.

They would do it differently than we have.

And we really really need them to do it differently.


This isn’t about self-care, mamas.

This is a call to arms:

It starts with us.


Welcome to The Essential Happy Mama



Over the past decade, I have looked into every alternative therapy, tool and life-changing coaching technique I could find. I’ve interviewed the gurus and the New York Times best-sellers. And I’ve tried everything.

Some of it worked, some of it didn’t.

But one thing has stayed at the front of my mind the whole time:

What is accessible and easy for a busy mama that actually makes a difference in how she parents, lives and feels about herself?


The answers:


mindset and mantra,

deep self-compassion,

a reconnection to the feminine,


and essential oils.


These six areas are my passion. They work. I’ve lived with them for years, and they have changed my life. And through my work in ‘Happy Mama’, I have witnessed thousands of mothers the world over use the same tools and feel the same.


You are the creator of your world – and the world of your family.

You are essential to their health and happiness.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can transform your whole existence.

This is what you will learn when you join The Essential Happy Mama.



In this completely free resources, I will share:

essential oils: how to use them to change your health and your emotional reactions, without feeling completely overwhelmed with what’s what and how to.

toxic free home: learn with me how to slowly but sustainably change the chemical load in our homes.

daily rituals: as women, we’re meant to honour the seasons and cycles of our lives and the planet. I’ll share what I’ve learnt, and invite you to join me.

mindset, mantras and meditations: this is how we live. Mindful moments, scattered throughout our day. Inspiration will be one click away whenever you need it.

community: the ultimate soul-soother for a mama. This is how we thrive: together.


Over the past 6 months, I have been very busy behind-the-scenes exploring and experimenting with essential oils. In the past, I have heard about their ability to heal and support our families, as well as replace all of the toxin-laden products in our home. With two of my family members diagnosed with MTHFR (a genetic mutation which means their bodies can not flush toxins out of their body), and an ongoing anxiety disorder in one of my children, I was determined to see if I could change the way my family lived and thrived.

But what I didn’t expect was how much I fell deeply in love with the power of oils. Especially oils of the highest quality in the world – which is DoTerra.

Essential oils are now as much a part of my daily practice as meditation and yoga. In fact, I would say they are now the biggest part of my daily self-care and self-nourishment – because, they are so portable and accessible.

I can’t always get onto a meditation cushion or clear my stuck energy with a yoga sequence, but I can reach for Frankincense and Wild Orange to lift my funky bad mood. I can’t always use my mindset to get over that Inner Mean Mama Voice that is telling me I’m doing it all wrong, but I can rub ‘Console’ blend on my heart and temples and instantly feel nurtured and supported. And when I have a deadline or a big project to complete, instead of pushing through with no energy at all, I get out my peppermint oil, and suddenly, I can face anything.

These tools – this way of life – has changed everything for me.

Instead of fighting against so much within myself each day, I now know exactly how to support myself in any given moment. And my family is learning it too.

And once I started to see these results, I knew I had to add this amazing resource to my Happy Mama tools.

We yell because we’re exhausted. But we don’t need to be.

There is a different way.

We must look within and find a new way within ourselves – a way that no longer idolises busy-ness, competition and separateness.

We must do our own inner work and clear those old stories of what it means to be a woman, so that we can show our children how to live by their own rules.

If we had the courage to put our hand up and say ‘stop, this isn’t the life I want to chase anymore’, then everything would begin to change.

If we had the knowledge and support we needed, we would get the toxins out of our bodies and out of our homes, and we would stop numbing ourselves at the end of the day.

We wouldn’t get so sick. We wouldn’t feel so empty.

Mothers are at the centre of the change the world needs. Because if we do this now, we pass down a completely different legacy.

That is what The Essential Happy Mama is all about.



To become a part of this new community, you have two options: 

1. Simply join the free Facebook Group here and begin to learn how to slowly but sustainably transform you and your family’s health.


2. Begin right away by purchasing a starter kit and receive a free half hour coaching session with me (valued at $150) to put a plan in place to empower you in every way. Discover the various enrolment options here.