The revolutionary online training program to transform the way you support mamas

There’s a change coming, mamas.

A transformation in the way we talk about, support and honour motherhood.

A new way of holding space for women as they navigate the early years of motherhood.

A much-needed and long over-due change.

And you can feel it.

You hear about this new way – matrescence and the transformative power of motherhood – and you want in.

You want all in.

Perhaps you’re already working with mamas, but you know there’s a deeper level of support you want to share.

Perhaps you’ve got a vision of something – a yoga class, a local community gathering, an online business – but you don’t feel ready enough.

Perhaps you’ve been through your own rebirthing through mamahood, and feel the deep calling to get out there and share what you’ve been through.

No matter what has brought you here, one thing is clear:

You are a change-maker, a space holder.

You are a part of this new movement of matrescence.

You have something unique to share with this world – all you need is the insight and knowledge to create your own ripple effect.

You are ready for Mama Rising.

Motherhood is a sacred and divine time in a women’s life, but for too long, it has been ignored, undervalued and brushed to one side in favour of focusing on all the masculine-based ideas of success our world seems to be built on. 

Too often, we have given all our focus to how we parent, how the child is doing, how to balance it all, and completely missed the phenomenal transformation a woman experiences as she navigates motherhood. 

I know motherhood can be the making of a woman. 

I know it is the chance to undo generation-long belief systems, and recreate yourself anew. 

And I know that if we support women through the transition of motherhood then we can change the world. 


“Heal the mother, change the world.” 


These are the words that have driven me for years – and still do. 


And the time has come to share what I have learnt – from more than 3000+ mamas and the world’s leading experts – to create a worldwide ripple of awareness. 

The world needs to know this.

And the world needs you to share this.

Amy Speaking at Workshop

Mama Rising is the ultimate training in supporting mamas. 

It will provide you with the language you need to speak directly to the women you want to work with. 

It will give you the confidence to support them in all their pain, their struggles, and the beginnings of their joy. 

It will allow you to put the collective experience of matrescence into perspective, and guide you to speak up and share it with the world. 


No longer will you be guessing at what mamas need.


I truly believe that each of us has been through the fire of initiation of matrescence so we can be healers, teachers and soul supporters. 

I believe that you have landed here, with me, because you’re meant to be a part of what I’m doing. 

You’re meant to stand with me, and together, change the way we honour motherhood.

What is Matrescence?

Matrescence is a framework that puts all of the massive upheaval and change that a woman goes through in motherhood into context


It explains the mother’s guilt, the self-doubt, the comparison with others.

It helps you understand why your relationship feels different, and you fluctuate between loving it all and wanting to run away


And when you couple this knowledge with insights from years of experience coaching mamas, plus a proven formula for supporting them, you can ensure that you will finally feel confident to support women in a way that actually works

And by the end of this training, you will be able to confidently support mamas in their own transformation. 


Whether in person, online, in your writing, or in your own way, you will know what a mama really needs.

Running over 8 weeks, you will receive:

4 live trainings (conducted via zoom),

4 live coaching calls,

Worksheets for you and your mama clients,

A closed community of aligned women,

An opportunity for unique feedback on your business ideas and concerns.

Your 4 Live Coaching Modules:

The first step to being able to teach and share this is to understand the deep beliefs we hold around what it means to be a mother and a woman, and what society has conditioned us to believe.

When we understand this, we can guide others to transform their own beliefs.

Next, we bring in the very latest research into matrescence and the awakening of motherhood. This will set you apart in everything you do. 

Learn how to teach, share and use the core principles of matrescence and coaching to hold space for your tribe.

Matrescence is a movement, and to truly step into your unique vision, we need to support you to share with confidence. How do you support women through this? 

What language do you use, how do you hold space for their awakening, what steps do you support them to take?

What is your ‘why’, and what are you here to do? What is your unique contribution to this work? And what do you need to thrive? 

This is your chance to get feedback, insights and understanding into what you can do to support women in your community.


How to use Social Media to find your Tribe

Using my 20 years in the media, and 5 in business, I will share with you how to find your voice, how to attract the right mamas, and how to authentically share your story with the world.


How to hold a Women’s Circle

One of the greatest joys in this work is the ability to hold Circle for mamas. In this training, I will share with you how to run a women’s circle with confidence.

Hi beautiful.
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For too long, we have ignored the needs of the mama – 

at a great cost.

We are in the middle of an epidemic of burn out, post-natal depression, overwhelm and comparison.

You know it. You can see it all around you.

It’s time it changed.


All you need is the right insights, support and understanding. 

This is your invitation to join me to change the world for mamas with me.

Whether you feel the pull to teach, coach, heal or gather together in circle –

Mama Rising will give you all you need to confidently support mamas in the most beautiful and empowered way.

Frequently asked questions:

Absolutely! This program has been created for both the woman with the stirring of a dream, and the mama who is already supporting mamas but wants to understand matrescence and how to incorporate it into their work.
One of the best things about this training is that it will help you find your unique focus with this work – bring together your unique experience, training (if any, but don’t worry if there isn’t!), and passion. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a clear vision for exactly how you will support mamas in your own unique way.

Perfect! Understanding the principles of matrescence is the key to absolutely every work with mamas, whether it’s post-natal, pregnancy, childhood focused or mama focused.
This information and support will not only support you communicate with your clients better, but it will help you stand out from the crowd. This is leading-edge information, and very few in the world have access to it yet. You will be one of the first.

The live training modules will be 1-1.5 hours, with audio replay and worksheets sent out the following morning if you can’t make it live.
The live coaching calls will be approximately 1.5 hours, depending on the number of questions and how much support everyone will need. Again, replays will be sent the following day.
There will also be worksheets, journal exercises, and practice support questions to work through in your own time between live calls.
So all together, expect this to take a minimum of 3 hours per week.

Whilst this isn’t a straight-business training course, we will spend some time working through some of the core areas that many women in business struggle with: confidence, marketing, positioning, finding your audience and tribe. You will get access to my insights into 20 years in the media, 6 years in business, and all of my own training and mentoring, so you will finish the training feeling ready to step into this work.

The goal is to create a Mama Rising accredited training program in the next 12 months. When this is ready, it will involve a rigorous accreditation process, but you will then be able to practice as a Mama Rising trainer/facilitator. You will receive workshop programs, meditations and resources, and listing on both Happy Mama and Mama Rising websites. If this excites you, please know that by joining the training now you are not only going to be one of the first, but you will receive this training at a significantly reduced price and will be invited to join the accreditation process (when its ready) at a very low price too.

I’m sure there’s a whole mixture of other questions; how this will work, how much time you will need, what you’ll be able to do with this training.
Just as I’m sure there’s a lot of unspoken fears around what this will actually look like in your life. And I want to answer all of them.

So I held a live call recently to talk with other women interested in this training, with questions like yours, and you can watch the replay here.
I highly recommend watching this call as we covered a lot, so it will likely answer many (if not all) of your questions.

And, if you still have unanswered questions after watching the replay, I invite you to book in a 15 min chat with me here x

Let’s Heal The Mother To Change The World.