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Learn why your life feels so out of balance, and the key to real connection, happiness and ease.


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There’s a reason why you don’t feel like there’s any balance in your life right now, mama.

You’re juggling everything, every day, and it’s exhausting. You read that you need to slow down and be in the moment, sit on the floor with your kids or take your time noticing each bite of your meal, but you just can’t seem to slow your mind down. Or your body.

Besides, there’s just so much to do, right?

Yes, there is. There really is.

Whilst it might look like you’ve got it all together on the outside, on the inside, you feel like you’re slowly drowning. You’re going to work or doing what needs to be done, gritting your teeth and suit of armour.

And sadly – devastatingly – you feel the same at home. You grit your teeth, get through all the things you have to do, rushing the bits that used to bring you joy.

Like noticing those little hands in yours.

Like taking your time to have a bath.

Like doing something nice for yourself.

Like connecting with your partner.

There’s a reason why this feels so impossible, mama.

And it’s not because there’s just no time.


It’s because we’ve got the balance wrong.


What were you told about being successful? Was it results at school, what other people thought, how far and how quickly you could climb the ladder?


Taking time off was lazy.

Showing emotion was weak.

Slowing down was for holidays only.

Success came from hard work..

You need to do something productive with your time.


All of these ideas have been so embedded into our nature that we now don’t know how to switch them off.

And that, mama, is why you are so burnt out.

Mamahood requires us to embody a completely different way of being, but no-one has ever taught us that. We’ve never been shown that the busy-busy-busy outward success model does not translate to this balancing a family with a life.


As a woman, there are two parts to you… and one of them is being completely ignored.

Think about what happens if one side of your body is stronger than the other – you end up favouring the stronger side, further weakening the other until it’s almost unusable.

This is what we’re doing in our lives. This is why you never feel like things are BALANCED in your life.

Because REAL BALANCE is about the doing and the being, the outward and the inward.


5 days.

15 minutes a day.

Totally free.

Starts Monday 22nd October.


“This program is the best one I have ever done.” – Mel. 




Here’s what you’ll get:

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  • A short (I mean, 5 minute) meditation that you can use morning, noon or night to hit ‘re-set’ on that frazzled mind.

  • Two live calls (via FB or Zoom – you choose) with me to answer your questions, talk through the ideas, and inspire you to actually put all of this into place.

  • If you choose, a closed and private FB group filled with like-minded mamas to walk beside and support you.


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