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Imagine if you could go back to when you first started your journey as a mother, and tell yourself that things were about to change. YOU were about to change.

Yes, you were going to welcome a beautiful new baby, which would fill you with joy… 

but you were also going to welcome in a new YOU. And this new you, in all its unpredictability and overwhelm, would need a lot of compassion and care. She will need time to figure out who she is now. She’ll need compassion whilst she realises that her dreams have changed, and her relationships have completely changed. She’ll need a lot of compassion. 

And this change won’t just happen in the first few months – it will go on and on. As she returns to work, she’ll feel it again. As she looks at her partner, she’ll notice how different it all feels. As she thinks about herself, she’ll wonder where she went. 



Imagine if someone had whispered to you that whilst these will be the most amazing years of your life, they will also be some of the hardest. That it will feel like the biggest contradiction of all: you’ll love it and hate it, simultaneously. 

And imagine, just for a moment, that instead of feeling like this ‘change within you’ was something only you were going through, someone told you that, in fact, this is what we ALL go through, we just don’t really talk about. 



Imagine if we actually did start talking about it, and the understanding of ‘matrescence’ became as common knowledge as adolescence. 

Just imagine how differently you would feel about yourself… 

Matrescence: the transition to motherhood.

Just as adolescence is the transition from child to adult, matrescence is the transition from woman to mother.

As a woman, there is a transformation that occurs when you became a mother. A transformation that starts with pregnancy, and does not ‘finish’ for as long as you are raising your children. But in our current society, and the value we place on motherhood, this transition has been completely ignored, misunderstood and dismissed.

But the experience of it is very real.

When I became a mother more than a decade ago, there was a very real but at the time imperceptible ‘split’ within me: on the one hand, there was the woman who had big dreams and goals and identified with her purpose in the world, and on the other hand, there was the newborn mother. The nurturer, the carer, the woman who wanted to be there with her child for every single milestone.

It was this massive contradiction within that I struggled with for so long.

Over the years, in trying to understand why I felt the way I did, I began a search for answers.

I interviewed world-leading experts on motherhood and self-care, I studied to be a post-natal yoga teacher and life-coach, I taught myself meditation and created programs for mamas who were also searching for answers.

But nothing made any sense… until I discovered ‘matrescence.’ 


Suddenly, that inner split all made sense. 


When I became a mother, I gave birth to a new me, and it was not about trying to be the old me or completely abandoning that part of me, but instead, realising – I WAS NEW. 

This 7 day program will guide you to understand the transition to being a mother, no matter where you are in that journey.

It will allow you to come to term with the changes in your life, your relationships and your goals, while celebrating those changes. 

It will bring together the research and the spiritual understanding that we should all have been given when we become mothers. 


Over the course of 7 days, I will share with you:

  • the leading expert on matrescence and what it really means

  • what the ‘inner split’ is, and how to come to terms with the change within you

  • how to stop feeling so torn between all the roles you have to play

  • guide you to see yourself, your body, and your relationships differently

  • allow you to stop being so hard on yourself and, in turn, stop being so resentful towards your loved ones


Here's what you get during your 7 days:

Seven days of emails that walk you, step by step, through the process of understanding and honouring matrescence.

Program also includes 3 videos, a meditation and an interview with one of the world’s leading matrescence experts.

Guided questions and reflections to allow you to discover who you are now as you move through motherhood.

Why is understanding matrescence so important? 

Because as women we are drowning. We think there’s something wrong with us, we’re struggling to stay on top of everything everyday, and feel like a core part of ourselves is missing.

We love our children, but we’re not always the mamas we want to be.

And it’s time we stopped suffering in silence.

After sharing these insights with hundreds of mamas, I am overwhelmed by the number of teary messages I get from women at all stages of motherhood.


“Why didn’t we know about this?”


I believe understanding and honouring this deep inner shift within us is one of the most powerful steps we can take as women – 

It will change the way you feel about motherhood... and yourself.

Because this really is the birth of YOU.