"Welcome to the most comprehensive New Year Program for mamas."

A complete program of meditations, worksheets, guided videos and instructions, with a bonus 7 day implementation program.


And all done in the most easy-to-use format, which means even the busiest mama in the middle of Christmas Holidays can follow through. 

Here's what's included:


Two beautiful guided meditations to make peace with and be grateful for 2018, and help you co-create your vision for 2019.


Two specially designed workbooks – one for 2018, one for 2019, to guide you through each area of your life and get clear on what you want.

How To Videos

Videos explaining dow to set goals without letting your mind kick into over-drive, and create a vision from a place of trust.

Daily Gratitude

A daily gratitude worksheet to help you stay focused on your vision throughout 2019, and be grateful for all that you have.

A 7 day ‘implementation’ program

Don’t want to set your goals in January and never think of them again? This 7 day program will make sure you take action, in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Energy Clearing meditation

And the key to it all – your energy clearing meditation to use throughout 2019 to help you stay on track.

OR break the payment up over two months (great for that Christmas Credit Card bill!)



As a busy mama of three, I felt like none of my life was really ‘working’. 

I didn’t feel like I was on top of my job or my home. I worried endlessly whether I was being a ‘good enough’ mum. And my health and marriage and friendships? They were so far at the bottom of the list that they felt like they were an after thought.

I didn’t want another year to feel like this! 

What I know now is that when we are juggling motherhood, relationships, work, and life, we have to find a way to honour each role we have. We have to ensure that those parts of ourselves that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the pile get some love and attention again. 

We can’t just keep going, day in day out, with no way of checking in and asking… 

is this really the life we want?

And so, after many years of trying various goal setting, daily planners, meditation practices and new year’s resolutions, I found a whole new way of doing things. 

And it completely turned my life around.

From stressed, sick and burnt out, to present with my children, connected to my husband, and focusing on what’s important each day.

A slow, connected life. Whilst still following my dreams.


First, we clear out 2018 

You will receive a meditation exercise, workbook and video explaining how to connect with the lessons of 2018, and find the moments of true gratitude.

You will be able to turn even the most challenging moments into blessings, and leave any past hurt behind.

Think of this like an energy detox – you’ll go into the New Year free from all that baggage and heaviness, ready for a new start.

Then, we’re going to get really really clear on what we’re asking for in 2019

This is the fun bit! With the help of a visualisation exercise and a workbook, you will begin to create the life you want. You’re going to get into that juicy co-creation space and hear what your soul is wanting you to have.

Yes, you will get clear on what you would like your life to feel like, but no, you will not be putting your shopping list into the Universe.

Then, we let it go.

I will then share with you a little mantra (think: simple yet powerful sentence you can repeat to yourself) to release all of this into the Universe.

You will also receive a short but powerful video about how you can really surrender it all (because in my experience, it’s the surrendering that often trips us up).

And then, we work on the noticing and maintaining.

And to help you do this, you will receive a daily energy-check in and connecting to your vision meditation (this is what I do each day to stay connected to my vision), a daily gratitude worksheet to help you notice when those dreams do start to come true, and a monthly revision sheet to make sure you’re co-creating with the Universe all of the time.

Because if you’re staying focused on your energy and your mindset, they will.

OR break the payment up over two months, great for that Christmas Credit Card bill!


But what if you buy the workbook and never get around to it?

Or what if you do the goal setting at the start of the year, but nothing really changes in your day-to-day life?

In other words, how can you be sure you’ll actually follow through with this? We’ve all heard the research that says the vast majority of the population have given up on their New Year’s goals by the 1st of February.

I don’t want you to be one of those.

What I’m sharing with you is a year-long maintenance program, mama. This is something that you come back to, over and over again. It’s exactly what I have used in my own life.

But if you need accountability and the commitment to actually GET STARTED…


I’ve got something special for you: 

Starting on the 7th of January, we are going to spend a week focusing on each area of your life.

Think home, parenting, relationships, health, money, creativity and self.

Each day, you will receive a short video and practical exercise (possible in under 10 minutes!) to clear out the old and bring in the new.


But the bonus “RENEW: 7 day whole life reset” is ONLY available if you join before midnight AEDT on the 21st of December.

OR break the payment up over two months (great for that Christmas Credit Card bill!)




This is a twelve month maintenance program.

Combining the Law of Attraction with practical step by step support for mamas… 

this is how you create the year you most desire.