r e c l a i m clear words

“Unless we take a moment for ourselves each day, and regularly throughout the day, our life does not feel like our own.

We honour everyone else’s needs, but ignore that gnawing feeling of loss – a loss of our own sense of self.

And then, as that sense continues to grow, like mould in the darkness, we slowly become the woman and mother we never wanted to be.”

I promise you, somewhere, deep down underneath the hustle and the rush and the exhaustion, is a sense of calm and certainty.

A confidence in who you are, and what you do each day.

Perhaps you’ve known that certainty before. Or perhaps you’ve never really felt it.

No matter.

Because as a woman, and a mama, it’s there.

It’s there, waiting to be reclaimed.

You just need to find a way to come back to yourself again.

Introducing a proven formula to reclaim the women you long to be again, no matter how old your kids.

10 days, 15 minutes a day.


A mindfulness and meditation practice specifically designed for mamas. Perfect for beginners, mamas who need a reset, or anyone who feels they have lost themselves in mamahood.


Mindfulness meditation

A short but powerful daily meditation to reprogram your thinking and help you reclaim your confidence, calm and connection.

Daily guidance

A daily email with resources and support, filled with step-by-step insights that will transform your inner self.

Proven formula

A proven formula of meditation and tools that have already helped thousands of women reclaim who they want to be.

Mama manageable

Specifically designed for mamas at any stage, whether at home, at work, or juggling it all.


Buddhism for mothers

An exclusive interview with ‘Buddhism for Mothers’ author Sarah Napthali.

A 10 day practice that has changed more than 2500 women’s lives. 

“In these last few days I have noticed a huge impact on my ability to pull myself out of my bad thoughts and get back in the present moment. I would have previously let my bad thoughts take over and ruin the rest of the day. But now I kindly say to myself it’s ok your having these thoughts but I don’t want to be thinking this way anymore and I move on. The meditation I have learnt from you has been a lifesaver.” – Kate, mama to two.

“This practice has reminded me how important it is to be me…. to make time for myself, get some balance and connect back in with myself again. It is bliss to start to think clearly again about what I need and want. And really start to work on the new me! And – I am sure I am a better mama because of this.” – Emily, mama to two.

“I can definitely see a difference, and so can my husband. I can start to see myself observing my thoughts instead of taking them on. It’s very powerful Amy.

My husband even is taking on board the things I am learning and is applying them to his life and how he thinks about work, which has all happened by me just embracing the kind, loving and strong mantra.” – Sarah, mama to three.

“Thanks to this program, I have finally heard my Inner Mean Mama and now have the tools to challenge her! 
This week I have heard her and stopped her in her tracks.
I now know who she is and how to let her know that I am in control. 
I trust that I’m strong and I know I am growing and I’m super excited about this!!! 
Thanks Amy.” – Michelle, mama to two.