Reconnect Program

A 40 day program to guide you back to the woman you want to be again

Where did you go?

In amongst the busy-ness, and the juggling, and the sleeplessness, and the pressure, you lost yourself.

You lost your spark, you drowned in the overwhelm, and you became a mama you didn’t want to be.

It’s OK.

You’re not lost.

You’ve just disconnected from yourself.

It’s what happens in this outward focused, high-pressure world we live in.

There’s instagram, and instant gratification.

There’s work, and babies, and toddlers, and relationships.

There’s whole foods, and conscious parenting.

And somewhere, underneath all of that noise, there’s you.

A woman.

A beautiful woman who wants to be the best mama she can be, and enjoy this time in her life.

But she’s tired. And she’s depleted. She’s addicted to her phone and super hard on herself.

And she’s ready to feel good again.


Ten years ago, I became a mama. And in that moment, everything changed.

Yes, like you, the realities of raising a child hit me hard.

But what really shook me to my core was how I felt about ME.


Who was I now? 


And how was I going to manage ALL OF THE THINGS that were required of me each day?


My head was always full of negative thoughts. And I felt like I was failing at everything.

But over the following years of motherhood, I just kept pushing myself. I had to – there was too much to do!

If I stopped for a moment, everything would fall apart – right?

Until, it all did fall apart.


At 28 weeks pregnant with my third child, I found myself in labour, in hospital, and terrified.

And from that moment on, I vowed I would change my life.

And this is how I’ve done it:

I started with just three minutes a day.

Three minutes a day, three times a day.  Less than ten minutes a day. That’s all it takes to start to reconnect with yourself.

And from there…

Your whole world will transform

In this forty day program, I share everything I have learnt over the past ten years – plus all the insights and tools from the world’s leading experts on mindfulness and motherhood – to help you find your way back to yourself.

In just three minutes a day, you will:

Find a place of calm that is unshakeable even in the middle of toddler tantrums and 5 o’clock chaos

Discover who you are now you’re a Mama

Find a way to incorporate meditation and self-care into your daily life, without feeling guilty

Learn to pause through the day to connect with what’s important

Stop being so hard on yourself and feel great about who you are

Stop putting yourself on hold

Declutter, clear out the old, and totally reprioritise your life!

After sharing this program for four years, I have decided that this will be the last time I offer this program in this format – meaning, this will be the last time you will have weekly live calls with me, focusing on these insights and at this price.

“Your three-minute meditation has been one of the biggest things that saved my life.

Knowing I could do it at any time, multiple times a day, has saved me in the last six years. It’s just been amazing.

I’ve done that three-minute meditation in every room in the house, even in the toilet when I’ve had to get away from the kids!

I’ve sat in the car numerous times, whether it’s been in shopping centres, when I’ve gone out to do the shop.

Any time when I felt like I needed to pull myself together, I’ve thrown that meditation on, and listened to it.

I’ve been crying in the car and then suddenly remember it, and pulled it back out.

I don’t know how you were able to get so much into that three minutes, but you finish it feeling like a different person.

And thanks to the Reconnect Program, I am a completely different mama and woman.”

– Kate, mama to three.


Mindfulness meditation

A 3-minute mindfulness meditation that you listen to three times a day. This shows you how easily you can stop, take a moment to connect with your strength again, and come back to a place of calm and confidence.

Weekly emails

Six weekly emails with the focus of the week, plus video guidance and worksheets to help you journal and explore the ideas more deeply.

Practical tips

Actual practical tips and ideas on how to connect even more deeply with the theme of the week, such as affirmations, yoga practices, how to cope with tantrums and meltdowns, what to do when it just doesn’t work.

Daily support

Daily personal support from me and the other Reconnect Mamas in the most loving and supportive environment you will ever come across: our closed and private Facebook group. This is always a big part of this program – the support of your soul sisters.

Weekly live Q&A

Once a week, there will be a live Q&A session in the Facebook group with me, so I can answer any questions you may have along the way. This is one of the best parts of this program – weekly live coaching, reflection, and connection.

All of this, plus:

Two longer, 15 minute meditations to deepen your meditation practice

6 bonus 30 minute podcasts with leading experts on motherhood

The six focuses of Reconnecting

Each week, we will focus on a new area of reconnection:

Focus 1: Kindness

This is where our journey starts, and is the first step in everything we do. Without self-compassion and kindness, nothing flows.

Focus 2: Strength

Learn how to connect with your strength, believe in yourself, and know that you can get through anything when you come from a place of love.

Focus 3: Trust

Trusting our intuition, our inner wisdom and the universe is key to true happiness. By finding that inner voice, and trusting it, we become truly connected.

Focus 4: Grace

Being a Happy Mama is all about grace. Grace in how we act in our daily lives, how we present ourselves to the world, and how we respect ourselves. Living with grace is our greatest gift as women.

Focus 5: Value

Let’s be honest – motherhood is not valued like it should be. But by beginning to value our role and place in the world, we transform how we feel, and how the world sees us.

Focus 6: Mindfulness

Being in the moment and aware of our own thoughts is the final step in being truly connected. With mindfulness, we are calmer as Mamas, we are more present as partners, we are more connected as women.

Every single time I’ve shared this program, the same questions have come up:

‘what about my marriage?’

‘what if my partner doesn’t feel the same way?’

‘how do I feel more connected with again, when we’re just in survival mode?’ 

And so, for the first time ever, a bonus module will be added in at the end of the 40 days all about:


Extra insights and an extra live call ALL about your relationships, and how to reconnect with your partner. 

Want to hear how life-changing these 40 days can be?

Here’s just a few stories out of the hundreds of mamas who have completed the program:

“Before I joined the Reconnect Program with Amy, my world was falling apart. I felt like a total failure, and I was angry most of the time. I’d spent many years ‘working’ on myself, but nothing stuck. However, since the program, I find myself reacting to potential boat-rocking situations more positively. My husband noticed that I’m more relaxed, laugh and joke more and I don’t fly off the handle as often. I also loved connecting with the other Mamas going through the same experiences, and as a meditation newbie who struggles to wind down, I found the Reconnect meditations fantastic.”


My anxiety has settled down! Since starting the Reconnect Program, have an appreciation that many mums have exactly the same issues and needs as me. I am kind to myself, and I have a wonderfully packaged coping system tucked away for the next rainy day. Good routines are now incorporated into my life, and daily rituals such as meditation and a daily mantra card. And although I didn’t share my personal story in the FB group, I benefited from seeing others suffering in a very similar way to myself, which was a great comfort. We are all in this together, and we eventually get through these tough spots. Thank you so much.


The Reconnect Program gave me so much relief! It gave me the tools to be happier in my everyday life, and better ways of coping with stress and overwhelm. With 2 children and sleepless nights I was really stressed… But I’ve now learnt to see the small happy things around me. My husband thinks I’m calmer. A friend told me that I ‘look lighter in the face’. And I definitely feel like some emotional weight and worry has been lifted.


I was hoping to gain motivation to look after myself more and feel happier as a mother, And to not rely on anyone else for my happiness. I gained this and so much more! The values of the program resonated with me on a very deep level. It’s changed the way I live in fact. My understanding of self care and spirituality will be forever in my journey as a mother and as a woman.

Now when I see I’m unhappy or dissatisfied with my life it’s because I’m not looking after myself nor checking into my spirituality. It’s usually due to the fact that I’m not prioritizing self compassion and my self care has slipped. I then re align myself and focus on this as my priority and that’s when the shift happens. And the Facebook Group was amazing. I cried a lot with tears of happiness many a time when I shared my experiences and was supported ……or another mother was supported by the other women. It felt so special, and such a relief to share problems or an awareness and to feel normal, validated and connected by the group. This experience of love and connection from Amy and the other mothers will stay with me forever.


The Reconnect Program has been the most amazing experience! It has reminded me how important it is to be me…. to make time for myself, get some balance and connect back in with myself again. It is bliss to start to think clearly again about what I need and want. And really start to work on the new me! And – I am sure I am a better mama because of this.


I signed up for the program because I wanted time for me. I had two kids, the youngest was turning one, and I had just started back at work 5 months earlier. I wasn’t looking after me and I felt depleted of everything. I wanted to feel more balance, have more time for my marriage, to be a better mother, and to break away from parenting like my parents. And now I am on my way to really achieving these goals!


When I joined the Reconnect Program, I wanted help with feeling happy and content with my life in general and since doing the program, life feels much happier. I am full of energy and on the road to being healthy. I now meditate, do yoga, go to the gym and use affirmations daily.

My husband keeps saying how proud he is of me. My best friend said I was inspiring her to improve her life. And my husband’s mate said he noticed I am much happier too. I am in an amazing place right now! I feel very positive and I am starting to believe my best life is just around the corner.


I joined the Reconnect Program because I wanted to begin a regular practice of meditation after a long break from it but I didn’t know where to start and how to integrate it into my life as a mother. What I received was more than I could have imagined. The support from Amy and the other mothers is invaluable and it gave me space to reflect on my journey of motherhood and build my strength up. And, I have rekindled my love for meditation. Amy’s warm spirit and kind soul is just what ever mother needs.


Here’s a reminder of what you’ll receive:

Forty days of meditation, mindfulness, support and inspiration

Two longer meditations

Membership of our private Facebook group

Live weekly calls with me, to personally answer your questions and support you

Six amazing podcasts with my greatest teachers and mentors


Are you ready to discover a happier, calmer, more connected you?

This program, in its current format, will no longer be available after 24th June.