Let’s face it – we don’t value motherhood.

We have grown up believing our worth comes from our appearances and our outward successes.

We’ve been taught to worship busy-ness and ambition.

And so, when motherhood comes along, with all it’s LACK of good appearances and outward success, we wonder – who am I now?

So, we try harder. 


We feel invisible, so we push ourselves more.

We don’t want to lose ourselves in our children, so we add more things on to our plates.

We worry about what our partner’s think, how our kid’s behave, and what our friends are doing on social media, so we set crazy-high expectations on ourselves.

We get sick, and we wonder where all the joy has gone. 


But this is not what it means to be a woman, or a mother.

And it’s time we finally redefine who we are, and who we want to be.


On our own terms. In a way that works for this time in our life.


It has taken me ten years to begin to understand what profound changes motherhood has had on me. 

Every single part of my life, my body, my mind and my soul has shifted in the years of mothering three children. And it’s been a tough ride. 

I’ve doubted myself.

I’ve yelled (so much more than I ever wanted to).

I’ve sobbed.

I’ve hated my body for not being able to cope with the ridiculous demands I’ve put on it, and I’ve questioned whether that huge ambition I’ve had since I was a little girl was even what I wanted anymore. 

The old me completely disappeared. But what was in her place?

That’s when I realised – this is my chance to redefine who I am. To choose differently this time, to decide what my values and priorities are, to let go of the old stories, and to be the mama and the woman I want to be.

And so, for the past four years, I have been committed to this redefining.

I have dedicated myself to understanding how to move through the transition from woman to mother – without completely burning out. And the most profound changes have come from my 40 day practices.

Join the brand new 40 day practice to REDEFINE who you are as a woman

r e d e f i n e is a meditation and mindfulness practice that guides you, step by step, through a proven formula to help discover who you are now, and who you want to be. 

This deeply insightful and supported practice will help you:

Discover your core values,

Understand your real strength as a woman,

Know how to cope on tough days (and nights),

Value yourself beyond your roles at work and at home,

Stop yelling and feeling so burnt out all the time,

And trust in yourself again.


Proven formula

You’ll have access to Amy’s proven formula of meditation and mindfulness tools that has already helped thousands of women at all stages of motherhood.

Support and Guidance

With a closed FB group of women walking through the program with you, and 4 live Q&A calls with Amy throughout the program, you will feel fully supported every step of the way.

Guided meditation

Amy’s short but powerful mindfulness meditations have been the key for thousands of mamas to change how they feel, think, act and live their lives.

Mama manageable

Designed specifically for women with young families and busy lives, all content and meditations are delivered in a mama-friendly way.


Bronnie Ware: mama and author of international best-selling books ‘The 5 Regrets of the Dying’ and ‘Bloom’.

On how to trust life, live without regret, and be the woman and parent you want to be.

Dr Vanessa Lapointe: mama, psychologist and author of ‘Discipline without Damage’

On how to free yourself of your old beliefs and patterns, and why valuing yourself is the key to better parenting – and life.




Join thousands of women who have already changed their lives with the help of Amy’s expert support, guidance and proven mindfulness and meditation tools…

“In these last few days I have noticed a huge impact on my ability to pull myself out of my bad thoughts and get back in the present moment. I would have previously let my bad thoughts take over and ruin the rest of the day. But now I kindly say to myself ‘it’s ok you’re having these thoughts, but I don’t want to be thinking this way anymore,’ and I move on. The meditation I have learnt from you has been a lifesaver.” – Kate, mama to two.

“This practice has reminded me how important it is to be me…. to make time for myself, get some balance and connect back in with myself again. It is bliss to start to think clearly again about what I need and want. And really start to work on the new me! And – I am sure I am a better mama because of this.” – Emily, mama to two.

“I can definitely see a difference, and so can my husband. I can start to see myself observing my thoughts instead of taking them on. It’s very powerful Amy.

My husband even is taking on board the things I am learning and is applying them to his life and how he thinks about work, which has all happened by me just embracing what you’ve taught us!” – Sarah, mama to three.

“Thanks to this program, I have finally heard my Inner Mean Mama and now have the tools to challenge her! 
This week I have heard her and stopped her in her tracks.
I now know who she is and how to let her know that I am in control. 
I trust that I’m strong and I know I am growing and I’m super excited about this!!! 
Thanks Amy.” – Michelle, mama to two.


Spread out over 40 days, we will work through four key areas that lead to a redefining of who we are, and what is most important to us. Each focus will include a video, emails, insights, a meditation and a live call with Amy.


and grit

Redefine how you feel about yourself on a core level, and reprogram your inner voice to stop the endless criticism and doubt.

Undo Self Sabotage


and worth

Redefine your own set of values, and completely reset how you value yourself and what you do each day.


and faith

Redefine your sense of faith and belief in yourself, and find an inner knowing that you can rely on, come what may.



and grace

Redefine what a successful day is, and find gratitude in even the smallest (and sometimes frustrating) moments of life.