Three simple steps to becoming the mama (and woman) you want to be

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Sometimes, it can feel like motherhood has swallowed you whole.


Every single part of your life – your body, your mind and your soul – has changed.

And somewhere along the line, you feel like you’ve lost yourself.

Especially because we’ve been told that we’re meant to live and BE a certain way. It’s all too much.


It’s not meant to feel like this.
And it’s not your fault. 


We (as a society) have stuffed up.

We’re not meant to get to the end of each day exhausted and full of guilt that we yelled, we didn’t get it all done, that we’re not the mama or woman we want to be. 

We’re not meant to be so torn between all the roles we play and all the things we have to do that we feel like we’re on a treadmill from dawn to dusk.

As a best-selling author, mama of three, and meditation coach and teacher, I’ve worked with thousands of mamas through this time in their lives, and I can tell you –

there is a better way.

And it doesn’t mean doing more!



In this practical and powerful online workshop you’re going to get some tools you can start using right away.

Tools that I’ve shared with thousands of mamas – and they work.



* Why it can feel like motherhood ‘swallows you up’ and how to acknowledge that feeling

* The big shifts that happen when you become a mother and how that affects how you parent AND how you feel

* 3 things you can do TODAY to start feeling more calm and connected

“Amy! My life has had a 180 turn around for the better! There are no words to fully express how grateful I am to you. What you share has changed my life. Thank you.” – LJ

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